Hey, guys! I'm the Skilled Pointman and I'm new to this wiki! However, I've got some news and some big plans! For one thing, I have just recently LEGITIMATELY reached the end, no cheats, just pure survival. Not only did I reach it, I beat it! Little note to all of you guys out there; the End is a pain in the ass to reach, as endermen are rather rare, and so are their pearls! The nether is hard enough to reach, as you must MINE, which is painfully slow, to reach it. Once you acquire the eyes of ender, you must fight through the stronghold, which was frustrating. There are silverfish everywhere, and they just pile up and beat you into a corner. Lastly, once you reach the End, you will notice endermen are EVERYWHERE!!! However, you will always spawn in a level one area of the End, so the endermen are not a huge issue. The true issue is The Ender Dragon, which has a TON of health. I had one of (if not the) best bow in the game, which dealt 57 RAW DAMAGE, not to mention I had over 30 points invested in my dexterity, which greatly increased its effectiveness. This bow still took 54 shots to kill the Ender Dragon with (I counted), even after you destroyed the ender crystals! If you are not a ranger, then this is sure to be hell for you, as wands have no range or accuracy and really, who can use a sword against it?! 

As for my plans for this wiki, I would like to inform you all that I am now going to continue to scavenge my world to find all the weapons and tools, and I will document each and every one's BASE damage right here on my User Channel. I will also probably post adjectives and stuff for the gear, but right now I want to focus on the basic unenchanted not magical gear. I will also post some pro tips and hidden strategies that you shouldn't know about right here on this account! I may also post a few glitches and expose the secrets of H/M!

NOTE: I will not include the Mystery Dimmension as a secret, as everyone already knows about it. Nonetheless, I will have a post on it, describing it and listing possible ways to reach it in survival! I will also post screenshots and visual guides, as well. Most of these guides I will also edit into the wiki pages, so hopefully this wiki can become more informative and H/M will be restored to its former popularity.