So i recently found a wiki about ideas for Hack Slash Mine . There was only 1 contributor (the founder) and only 5 pages. So i tried helping out, by making more pages and letting all my creativity loose. Two days after i found the wiki, another contributor joined. The three of us made the wiki bigger and bigger, until it finally was larger than the original (this) Hack/Mine Wiki. We're still making it grow, and now it's bigger, we'd love to see you come and post your ideas there too. And we especially hope Frizzil sees this, and goes to the wiki, and maybe introduces some of the pages we thought would do good in Hack/Mine. So please, go there, and post your own ideas, and help us make it grow, and maybe even have your ideas beeing introduced in Hack/Mine! :D Link (if you didn't click the first one) is .