Ok, I know, my language isn't nice. But damn, is this dungeon hard.

First off, you spawn being mauled by spiders and Giant Rats. Then, there is a 18 floor tower next to you, when you enter, you are greeted by a ****-ton of mobs. "God, I hope that isn't a recurring theme." ~Jontron

But, later on, you find that there will be zombies, spiders, and most of all, slimes. These buggers are EVERYWHERE, and because they spawn so often, they end up falling outside of the dungeon, so when you respawn, you are DEAD. The tower shown is OUTSIDE.

Next, in the "What it's worth" Category, is the chest drops. You get 1 gold coin, and a WHOLE lot of items that are epic. The slideshow shows what the items are.

Finally, how fast you level up? I leveled from 1 to 3, 1 point from lvl 4.

And you get rich. Oh, do you get rich.

H/M version:

Seed: 5498486805365047355

Make sure you check this out if you are a seasoned veteran, or just want to die easily :P

  • First item, after one gold coin.
  • Second Item
  • Third item, the Rainbow Great Wand of Worth
  • Fourth Item
  • Fifth Item
  • Sixth Item
  • The only helmet
  • The Havoc Plate
  • One of the leggings
  • The boots
  • The better amulet
  • The better ring
2013-10-26 15.06.46

Huge tower near spawn. Seed in blog post