Hello everybody as you know the hack.mine developers have a developing version which is 6.0v and most hack/mine server are using the 6.0v. Wellllll i have having difficulties with the 6.0v. When i install it it just goes black when minecraft is launched. I did everything perfect i deleted meta_inf and i placed the client and textures files and i dont use optifin lol my PC can run minecraft good as it is. But i relaly need some help i dont know what is going on it aslso happens when i do the 1.2.3 5.3v but it works with the Tekknich laucher so i dont know if im doing somthing wrong but i really would apriciate it if someone could send me the link to a minecraft 6.0v jar so i wont have to go trough tha hassle of doing it myself ive spent hours doing this but i cant get it to work so plz if someone could have a download or a dropbox it would be greatly apriciated thanks :)>>>