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The Axe of Ridiculous Lore is a unique item which gives +50% damage and +25% knockback. The flavour text is so long that it goes off the screen and seeing all of it is only possible with gui scale set to small.

The entire weapon description is:

"There seems to be something inscribed in the hilt... 'In the beginning times, at the second gathering of the ancients, a pact was formed for the passing of Nar'shul to the dwarves. The mountain was quiet with a begrudging peace, save for the pitter-patter of a tiny imp, with the peculiar name, "Shmorgal." The ceremony began; the dwarf-prince Marigol proceeded towards the throne of Ferolmir, king of the elves, his eyes fixed upon the divine axe. He knelt before the king, and boomed, "Ferolmir! Too long have we plotted against one another. The once holy land of Nar'shul now churns with the blood of our fathers... My father... No longer is it the sea of amber I remember from my youth. Like a virgin bride she stood before us and like a young calf we slaughtered her. The time has come to put aside our differences Ferolmir! Let your stubbornness wane to the thoughts of your children, dancing in the fields of gold, with their hands

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clutched tightly together, singing with their bright-eyed, prissy little smiles, and-" "ENOUGH!!!" Cried the lord of the elves. "Marigol, it is with great shame that I hold this axe, once a symbol of our combined spirits, and now one of your father's grim fate. I present it to you now, son of Argoth, as a token of our people's kinship. It is rightfully yours-- rule your kingdom with the unbreakable will of Arg-" "YOINK!!" Shmorgle receded into the valley below, axe in hand. "UGHHHHHHH!!!!" roared the dwarf prince, the crowd in a tumult. Marigol stormed into the mountains, but was never seen again... Eons passed, and the axe all but vanished from written history..."

The axe of ridiculous lore

The entire text (Hard to read because of gui scale set to small).