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Not to confuse with the Ability Tree Edit

If you want to know how to spend skill points, what they do or an in-depth guide on them, go to this page: Ability Tree


One of many features Hack/Mine introduces to Minecraft is a stat system. It currently includes Strength, Agility (now defunct), Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Fortitude. While the mechanics are mostly in place, the balance still has a long way to go (That's what alphas are for!). These stats determine what your limits will be, as well what kind of character you can evolve into. Each time you level up, you will be able to add 5 Stat Points (Spending Points) to your skills.


Strength is the main stat for increasing melee weapon damage. This includes swords, axes, maces, etc.


Agility is currently defunct. Or in other words, not in use.

Agility Stat


Dexterity is the base stat for any Archer class fighter, although it is very useful in other classes.

Dexterity Stat

It makes an archer's arrows hit for more damage, and increases the player's attack speed. So, you can fire faster, or swing faster. Mages can fire more bolts, while Warriors can swing more. Dexterity increases Defense by 1 per 5 points. Crit Chance is currently the only stat to feature diminishing returns, however, the amount of protection given by defense becomes less and less, the more you level up. So for example, 15 defense might have given 20% at a certain level but if you level up it might only give 19% damage reduction. This might potentially mean that players would have to invest some points into fortitude if they are to survive the late game. Dexterity currently affects a lot of things, so splitting it into both Dexterity and Agility is an ongoing possibility.

Intelligence Edit

Intelligence is used primarily by Mages. In fact, it helps only anyone with a wand. It adds more damage to their magical

Intelligence stat

attacks. It also allows your spells to be more potent.


Wisdom is used to increase your total mana. Mana is used to cast spells. All spells use mana.

Wisdom Stat

Mana is also used to use wands all mages start out with one wand, each Wisdom point results in 10 more Mana. Note that mana regeneration is a fixed percentage of total mana.


Fortitude is simply used to increase your health. More health equals the more damage

Fortitude Stat

you can take. So beware of tankers!

Warriors gain 12 HP per Fortitude, Mages 7 HP, and Rangers 10 HP.

Note that the rate of health regeneration is a fixed percentage of total health, 3% of the Max HP rounded down at the decimal. As discussed above in the dexterity section, because of the nerf to defense, fortitude might become a bigger priority. Also due to the introduction of the ability tree, abilities will now scale up in damage with ability points and stat points can be put into fortitude instead.