Version Date of Addition Patch Summary
0.6 May,28 2012 tible, whereas filler blocks and stairs are easily mined. These are considered "man-made" There are many more blocks to come, and the existing blocks are definitely subject to change.
  • The Scorpion has finally been textured! Hurray!
  • Fall damage has been increased.
  • The wand's mana consumption has been reduced.
  • Players no longer spawn underground in SMP, hehe.
  • The SMP "string length" crash has been addressed, but I'm uncertain if it's been fixed or improved upon (I don't have hours to test it!) Let me know if it's gone/if it's better/if you want to strangle me because it STILL isn't fixed!
  • Area system for SMP has been improved a bit.
  • Fixed a lot of hotkey issue, particularly with spell casting (all spells may now be cast from the hotbar!) It should be working flawlessly now.
  • The Ranger's bow spells now appropriately trigger a cooldown on the release of the bow, not the inital draw.
  • Lots more!