Halflings are a tricksy race, both nimble and cunning. They are great thinkers and risk takers, always able to realize a profit where others could not. Despite their timid appearance, they are scorned universally, the Great War many hundreds of years ago having been waged in the name of a Halfling. Consequently, they've become disturbingly thick-skinned little buggers, continuing to inhabit cities everywhere, pickin' pockets, openin' shop, and laughing in the face of extreme adversity as the opportunity presents itself.

Due to their intelligence and jester-like nature, they have survived pretty well despite all the horrors that wizards have created. Halflings, despite their size, are actually all very powerful mages, being given the most ability to perform sorcery. Some of them even laugh when they see what the wizards did to animals and creatures, because they know exactly how to do that as well... they're just not strong or smart enough to do it. Thankfully.

The Great WarEdit

The great war was a brutal war waged by the Halflings against the elves, apparently over insults at first but due to ancestral hatred the conflict escalated. Dwarves sided with the Elves, Orcs sided with the Halflings, Steves and Wizards were on both sides, and the war was so brutal that it cut every choosable race's population down to 10% of what it used to be. Orcs suffered the most because they were stupid and used horrible strategies that resulted in every melee fighting orc's death. The Naga population skyrocketed to extremes because the Orcs who kept them in check were no longer there, but many consider that to be a lie and believe wizards helped nagas achieve their ludicrous numbers.


  • As Halflings are the smallest of all races [next to Fairies, the pigmy dwarfs, small Creepers, Penguins and some other races], they are useful for PVP, as their hitbox is smaller.
  • If one was to put a slab under your 2x1 doorway, Halflings could still enter. This can cause dimension bugs in Multiplayer, but is useful in Singleplayer, as most mobs will be unable to enter.
  • Halflings are the best race for people that want to go Mage.
  • If one wishes to be tiny, and wants to be a Ranger, choosing Halflings over Dwarves is a good idea.
  • Haflings also dig/mine slightly slower than normal

A picture showing a halfling compared to two blocks from a tree. The halfling is 1.4 blocks tall and can go through 1.5 block arches.

Halfling Starter Stats
Strength 9
Agility Unused
Dexterity 11
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10