Green Slime

Green Slime

  • The hilariously named Naga is reborn as a Green Slime!
  • An example of a unique Green Slime, boasting a unique name and name suffix, along with a lighter colour tint.
Now coming in many varieties such as fire, ice, poison, etc. They were the easiest for wizards to tamper with, being the simplest beings, and have become far more populous than in previous times, definitely migrating from living only deep underground in the darkness. More appear when you kill them, so watch out.

Green Elemental Slimes are like normal Slimes, except they've been magically imbued with nature elemental properties.They will not damage you directly. Instead it poisons you. This poison is fairly weak and can be ignored, but if fighting large groups of enemies this poison can be deadly.

Attacks: Poison on touch

Resist: Nature Damage