Elves are the most varied and adaptive of all races, so summarizing them is a tad difficult. Some elves are wildsmen, living solitarily in the forests for their entire lives. Others have never spent a day outside of the city, burying themselves in their studies and practicing politics amongst the other nobles. Others still are nomads, existing in small, tight-knit communities in search of natural resources.

Generally though, the elves are the most dexterous race, being quick with swords and accurate with bows. While they can seem to be strictly city dwellers, all elves have the innate advantage of survival in the wilds. They are all attuned with nature, and in the eyes of their ancient elders, the role of being the warden and guardian of nature belongs to the Elven race.

The elves are used to being a hidden and nomadic hunter race, so they have not been crushed by the evils spawned by wizards as of late. They struggle like all others, but they still survive, only needing to be even more watchful of themselves and their environment than usual.

When Elf is selected your character looks slightly taller and stretched -- this is because elves are tall and slender. The Elf is the tallest of all the races.


  • Elf

    A picture showing the elf compared to a three block high column. The elf appears stretched and APPEARS much taller than the dwarf

    I guess elves can be a semi-viable start for a ranger or bowarrior, but Steve is still the optimal class to choose because of fortitude
Elf Starter Performance Enhancers
Strength 8
Dexterity 11
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12