~ Transmuters hurl devastating potions at their enemies from above immersing them in foul clouds of agony ~

* Pacifists however chose to send radiant potions to thier allies immersing them in the wisps of life its self *

This class could implement the much needed and currently unavailable Healer class, as well as a intellect utilizing (R)dps class.

Abilities that would suit them could be


(cost) mana drain

Allows the player to fly or hover at a low height temporarily.


(cost) mana - small / medium

Allows the player chose to make potions more potent or decrease the amount of time it takes to make a potion when making the potion.

[Pressurized Vessel]

(cost) mana - medium

Allows the player to send a exploding potion increasing its area of effect as well as giving it a bonus to damage or healing.

[Transmutative distillation]

(cost) Mana - large / Health - medium / small

Allows the player to extract a targets essence and bottle it killing the target.

( They would pick the targets health or its intrinsic meaning that if the target is poisonous then you would get a potion of poison its strength would depend on the target but if you chose to get the health you would get a potion of healing again dependent on the creature )

( If the creature had no intrinsic it would give the player a potion of confusion or stuning which when thrown it would cause a enemy to be unable correctly as if slipping on ice {and / or} cause their vision to warp if it is a player )


Nature potions ( Poison / Healing ) healing can be over time or instant

Fire potion's ( Fire ) can light a targeted area or enemy on fire for a time

Arcane potions ( Slowing / Speeding / Stuning / Harming / Weakness / Strength )

Earth potions ( Stone skin ) gives armour and / or Fort

Ice potions ( Freeze ) roots enemys to the ground

I hope to see this class added in the future!

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