Well Hack/Mine is a good mod/hack incase you are tired of skyblock and adventure maps.....I Would recommend Hack/Mine......Also Mods/Hacks can add in something from any type of Genre.....Everyone who plays roblox will say its better....people who play minecraft say its better than roblox.....One Is Survival, The Other is just about building....


Hack Slash Mine is an intriguing mod for Minecraft found in the Technic Launcher. Hack Slash Mine changes Minecraft into an amazing game of RPG awesomeness, enabling loot, xp, and a buttload of new mobs, such as the naga, the roflconda, and dire chickens. Said mobs overwrite default mobs, by adding classes which are dupes of said default mobs, then edits them so they become aggressive and have certain attributes, like a different model. Hack Slash Mine is the perfect mod for the weary yet epic veteran of FPRPG(s). (First Person Role Playing Game)

Review of awesomeness by Jcat46

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