The great evils that have arisen in the world of Minecraftia have resulted in the annihilation of civilization as we once knew it.

You would once see great towns established by man and elf and dwarf, sprawling cities and kingdoms across the landscape. Fortresses that were once used to protect everyone from the few monsters there once were. But it has all been destroyed.

Steves, elves, dwarves and halflings are all that is left. And there are very few of them.

You are one of these 4 races that has barely managed to survive in this brutal new world created by the wizards. You, the Player, are a lone hero in a realm where evil constantly spawns, where you cannot set foot an inch without something trying to kill you.

You may be lucky. There might be other players too... (if you're playing on a server.) But more likely, you're on your own, and everyone but you and the poor villagers desperately trying to survive is dead.

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