A necromancer could be a new class for a better mage the starting items would be the starting mage items

and the spells would be


places a 6x6 wall of stone brick infront of the player cooldown 50 seconds


makes you completely invisible so no mobs can harm you and in multiplayer you are fully in visible for 1 minute cooldown 2 minutes


flight would make you be able to fly like your in creative for 2 minutes and when it stops if you are still flying

while it stops you'll take no fall damage. (you won't be able to do this on servers that don't allow flight). cooldown 1 minute


teleports you to what you block your cursor is on and has unlimited range cooldown 30 seconds


explodes a 10x10 area and drops all the blocks right above your head.

so thats it please put this in the game it would be AMAZING

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