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A Orc Archer firing his mighty arrows upon the player.


Hack/Mine makes several changes to the way mobs function in Minecraft. Primarily, they spawn in much greater numbers at all times of the day, and no longer knock the player back (notwithstanding explosions, Bosses, and certain Rare Spawns). Additionally, undead mobs no longer catch fire in daylight; this is a temporary measure to increase the variety of monsters. ? Like all living entities, mobs have randomly generated stats based on their level. Also Endermen have taken on the Zombie Pigman mindset for themselves and other mobs so beware when fighting them!

There are currently 10 additional mobs in Hack/Mine. They include Nagas, Giant Rats, Raptors, Wizards, Dire Chickens, Scorpions, Elemental SlimesOrc ArchersRoflcondas and Phase Creepers.

Area-Mob CompositionsEdit

Each Area in Hack/Mine features a random composition of mobs. Two of the mobs selected are melee mobs, whereas one is "special." For now, "special" boils down to ranged and explosive mobs. Additionally, there is a set of global mobs that spawn infrequently throughout the entire game world (currently limited to Elemental Slimes). In the future, Areas will select mobs intelligently, picking undead for evil areas, insects for "infested" areas, snake-like mobs for "slithering" areas, etc (implementing this is trivial, it's just that Frizzil needs more mobs!)


Collection of Rare Mobs

Rare SpawnsEdit

Rare Spawns are special mobs with randomly generated names, colors, and increased stats. When determining a name, the game selects a prefix, suffix, and optional title. For example, "Puke," "Rend," and "the Destroyer" combine to make "Pukerend the Destroyer." There are currently several thousand possible names, with more to come. In the near future, Rare Spawns will feature magical properties, from changes to auxillary stats (knockback, movement speed, etc) to spell casting abilities (casting Leash on nearby players, emitting Charged Bolts on hit, etc).

Boss MobsEdit

Boss mobs are very strong mobs that only appear in H/M Dungeons, And there is one per Dungeon. They replace the Towers' chest at the top, so the Boss Mob drops good gear according to its level.

There will also be "Ubermobs," unique to each Area generated in the game. These will be much more difficult than normal bosses and feature alignment and diplomacy mechanics. Defeating one will be a huge accomplishment for any group skilled enough to handle it. Ubermobs are more of a long term objective, but have been planned from the very beginning. Planned Ubermobs include Liches, Dragons, Giants, local Monarchs, and more.

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