Bug ReportingEdit

Please post any bugs you've discovered on this page!

  • Include any details you can
  • Be succinct and clear
  • Post images if they're relevant
  • Link error messages using pastebin
  • Repost errors
  • Post game crashers without an error message!
  • Post an error message without using pastebin

Failure to comply with the above will result in errors not getting fixed! Frizzil and pre-release testers will move errors that have been addressed for the coming patch to the "Resolved" section.

Known Bugs (v0.5.3)Edit

Not ResolvedEdit

  • when holding the activate power button and you right click, the game will show a screen saying "Saving Areas" and the application will force quit
  • when you use wind trap on soulsand, the client will immediately crash,and although it goes to the error message screen, there's no text whatsoever
  • when blinking into a mob the game crashes (i think because the game is trying to teleport into infinity)
  • when clicking an armor piece, the game will show a screen saying "Saving areas" with grey text. After a few seconds the screen turns white and nothing can be done. You need to restart the game.


Crash ScreenshotsEdit

  • Less then zero (random)
  • Bad packet Id's (There are more error regarding packets)
  • Not in Gzip (mostly chests?)
  • Longer then 45(random)
  • Magical not read well (due the enchants?)
  • Mob spawn wasnt correct(random)
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